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Why Is Instagram Likes Important?

By – On June 26, 2013 – In Instagram With No comment

It is wonderful to have a large following on Instagram but equally rewarding to have many likes. There is added boost to a business’ credibility and overall profile when not only are many people following but they also ‘like’ the business.

Likes are a way of being given a follower’s stamp of approval. They are recommendations to others who might have an interest in the business or organization to follow without hesitation. They are also recommendations to the wider social media community for certain products and services. The number of ‘likes’ has a compounding effect on not just the business’ image but also its advertising ventures.

Likes also enhance the business’ popularity in that they help to relay the message that the business is dependable as well as customer friendly. Statistics show that people trust recommendations from their friends and peers more than they do advertisement claims.

On another note, Instagram ‘likes’ because of its subtle persuasion and peer backing; help to motivate people to make purchases or take an interest within a time frame that is sooner rather than later. Instagram ‘likes’ also help to build a targeted follower base.

When certain photographs in an Instagram profile gets liked many times over, people will be impressed to share it with others. In so doing, the business’ popularity and international reach will be increased. Also, certain generic keyword searches related to those widely shared images will cause your business’ Instagram profile to be highly ranked.

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