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How you can make a better impression for your business

By – On June 13, 2013 – In Instagram With Comments Off

The proper and effective use of Instagram and can definitely help to improve the image of your business. One way to make a better impression for your business on Instagram is to choose your pictures wisely.

Adequate amount of time and effort must be dedicated to selecting images that will not only generate talk, but the right kind of talk. Also, images should not always be related to your business. It is nice to have good mix of business promotion and social interaction. Remember, Instagram is a social network so balance is very important.

Also, be creative in how you connect your non-business photographs to your business. The important thing to keep in mind is subtlety. Sharing regular and valuable photographs and comments is also imperative. Comment on the photographs of others and ‘like’ them as well. When you do this, it is showing that your business is truly a positive contributing part of the social community. Sharing is a two way street.

Additionally, there should be no noticeable gap in your Instagram presence. Therefore, if you need to hire someone to manage the Instagram account for your business then that would be money well spent. Also, introduce your staff members, give a behind the scenes look at your business, and be transparent and believable.

Lastly, maximize the use of Instagram’s web feed and web profile. Ensure that your profile is current and appealing at all times. Use image links, utilize an Instagram badge, and add your business’ website link to your web profile.

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