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Why Is Instagram Likes Important?

By Tony Deprisco – On June 26, 2013 – In Instagram With 0 Comments

It is wonderful to have a large following on Instagram but equally rewarding to have many likes. There is added boost to a business’ credibility and overall profile when not only are many people following but they also ‘like’ the business. Likes are a way of being given a follower’s stamp of approval. They are ...

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Why Is Instagram Followers Important

By TheN20 – On June 20, 2013 – In Instagram With 0 Comments

Instagram is a social network community. Therefore, as with all such communities; followers are the driving force behind the power and perceived importance of both a casual Instagram user and a brand. When a company has a large following, people because of their intrinsic curiosity will want to find out what this business has to ...

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How you can make a better impression for your business

By TheN20 – On June 13, 2013 – In Instagram With Comment Off

The proper and effective use of Instagram and can definitely help to improve the image of your business. One way to make a better impression for your business on Instagram is to choose your pictures wisely. Adequate amount of time and effort must be dedicated to selecting images that will not only generate talk, but ...

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